Trigeminal Neuralgia Facial Nerve Pain

Trigeminal Neuralgia (Facial Nerve Pain)


Trigeminal Neuralgia Overview

Trigeminal Neuralgia causes Facial Pain. Trigeminal neuralgia develops in mid to late life. The condition is the most frequently occurring of all the nerve pain disorders. The pain, which comes and goes, feels like bursts of sharp, stabbing, electric-shocks. This pain can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. People with trigeminal neuralgia become plagued by intermittent severe pain that interferes with common daily activities such as eating and sleep. They live in fear of unpredictable painful attacks, which leads to sleep deprivation and undereating. The condition can lead to irritability, severe anticipatory anxiety and depression, and life-threatening malnutritionSuicidal depression is not uncommon. Face pain may be dull and throbbing or an intense, stabbing discomfort in one or both sides of the face or forehead. Pain that starts in the face may be caused by a nerve disorder, an injury, or an infection in a structure of the face. Face pain may also begin elsewhere in the body. Sometimes face pain occurs for no known reason.

Trigeminal Neuralgia (Facial Nerve Pain) My Story


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I had face pain for nearly 2 years back in 2009. It’s started in the jaw area so I thought it was only temporary and I stopped eating gooey food or hard meat to chew and so on. I went to see my Dentist see if something to do with my teeth, had an x-ray and gave me antibiotic and pain relievers. Apparently, it’s only a swollen joint in my jaw from eating hard food. But then the pain didn’t go away, in fact it spread out in my whole face, when time for me to relax it felt worst. After a few weeks of pain, I went to see a doctor and sent me home with some more drugs prescriptions to ease the pain etc I had 4 different pills and I’m not sure what the others are for but I took it anyway (it’s just some doctors give too many drugs that isn’t really necessary). After I’ve finished all the pills and the pain wasn’t really going anywhere, however, it did help a little but I’m wasn’t going to risked it, I went back to see the doctor again.


That time, I asked him to perform an x-ray or a proper check up and he told me to take MRI examination but I was a bit of a chicken when I saw the machine, I was freak out! I don’t like it that much for a reason so I’ve asked for an alternative and I got the CT Scan instead which is more acceptable comfort wise. The result was a shocked for me when the doctor told me that they can’t see anything wrong and there’s no problem with my brain or my whole head. I felt somewhat relief or happy that I don’t have a disease there and at the same time puzzled and asked myself how come the doctor gave me more drugs to take home while he diagnosed me as no problem? For that I don’t understand, he probably thought I was a hypochondriac? I know what I felt and very aware of it it need to be checked out. Who wants to spend more money going back and fort at the clinic? (Japanese doctors are more expensive for foreigners here in Japan so make sure you have insurance!) In my desperation, I’ve searched for many alternative medicine that does not involve drugs. I was looking for a supplement that are natural and clinically proven in science. I’ve found Protandim and started taking it in 2010. It was in December as mentioned in my first testimonial that helped my Hay-Fever and light Asthma , Breasts Tissues Cysts and now my Face Pain gone completely. Oxidative Stress~ doctor can’t find anything wrong in my brain or whole head in x-rays since Oxidative Stress won’t be visible. It slowly damage us in the inside…
OSTrigeminal Neuralgia (Facial Nerve Pain)

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When to Contact a Medical Professional
  • Face pain is accompanied by chest, shoulder, neck, or arm pain. This could mean a heart attack. Call your local emergency number (such as 911).
  • Pain is throbbing, worse on one side of the face, and aggravated by eating. Call a dentist.
  • Pain is persistent, unexplained, or accompanied by other unexplained symptoms. Call your primary health care provider.

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