Protandim Human Trials The Liver And Lungs

Human Clinical Trials Investigating the Effects of Protandim on Diseases Affecting the Liver and Lungs 

Protandim Human Trials on Diseases Affecting The Liver And Lungs

According to the National Institutes of Health (“NIH”), NASH is a common, often “silent” liver disease. It resembles alcoholic liver disease but occurs in people who drink little or no alcohol. The major feature in NASH is fat in the liver, along with inflammation and damage. Most people with NASH feel well and are not aware that they have a liver problem. Nevertheless, NASH can be severe and can lead to cirrhosis, in which the liver is permanently damaged and scarred and no longer able to work properly. 

The study investigators hypothesize that Protandim could lead to an improvement in NASH when compared to placebo, could lead to decreases in serum markers of oxidative stress and liver chemistry tests, and lastly, could lead to decreased levels of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (“TNF-a”) when compared to placebo. In NASH, TNF-a is hypothesized to be responsible for apoptotic cell death and inflammation, which characterize the disease. Dysregulation of TNF-a production has been implicated in a variety of human diseases.The study investigators believe that their findings could lead to a better understanding of the role of oxidative stress and antioxidant therapy in NASH and may ultimately help improve patient care. READ more here:

What Is Oxidative Stress? • Oxidative Stress is well known to be involved in the pathogenesis of lifestyle-related diseases. • Oxidative stress has been defined as harmful because oxygen free radicals attack biological molecules such as lipids, proteins, and DNA. Read more here:

OXIDATIVE STRESS is also known as FREE RADICAL DAMAGE is a CORE ROOTS to DISEASE and AGING. It affects the inside of our BODY it affects every HUMAN being on this PLANET, MAMMALS included. Every HUMAN being is an author of his own HEALTH and DISEASE. Free Radical and Oxidative Stress, the accumulation of DAMAGE from these particles over time leads to CELLULAR DAMAGE, degenerative DISEASES and ultimately to AGING and DEATH.


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