Breast Tissue Cysts, Aging and Oxidative Stress

Breast Tissue Cysts, Aging and Oxidative Stress


What are Breasts Tissues Cysts?

Cysts are fluid-filled sacs that grow inside the breasts. These sacs form when normal milk glands in the breast get bigger. A woman can have a single cyst or many cysts at a time. Breast cysts range in size from smaller than a pea to larger than a ping pong ball. Learn More about Breast Tissues Cysts Here:


Do cysts lead to cancer?

Almost all breast cysts identified as “simple cysts” by ultrasound are benign and never become cancerous. It is estimated that one in 1,000 cysts contain a tumor (but they are usually benign). These tumors can be identified by ultrasound in most cases. Women with cysts are not at greater risk for cancer although this risk may be slightly higher if there is a family history of breast cancer (mother, sister, or daughter).


My Breasts Tissues Cysts 

I had my health general checked up for the first time. I’ve done mammography & ultrasound in 2004 in Seoul Korea where I used to live. The result was a surprised to me and was very scared because we found lumps (some big some small, 9 all together) in both my breasts . My face turned red and my heart beats faster than ever for an instant! Thank God it was a benign Cysts (fluid-filled masses that develop and appear in breast tissue). No wonder that it was causing me breast pain often felt heavier specially near my monthly period. My Korean doctor operated only 2 cysts that are already over grown with the “fine needle aspiration”  used with a syringe (I was a bit frightened with the look of it! the fact was my first time in my life to see a huge needle! Nevertheless, the pain when it presses inside! The procedure removed the fluid from inside the cyst, which deflates and most likely will not return according to my doctor. However, the doctor won’t take off the remaining 7 cysts for some reason he doesn’t operate if it’s not grown big.  And no need of giving me a drug for it but pain reliever when it hurts. So I’d kept the rest of the cysts with me knowing that it’s okay and not a cancer, I felt relief!

Cysts~ A benign (noncancerous), fluid-filled sac that commonly develops in women in their 30s or 40s. Breast cysts may cause tenderness and may be drained. 

Breast Tissue Cysts and Oxidative Stress ultrasounds

Breast MRI and Ultrasound

Sometimes a breast ultrasound is ordered in addition to a mammogram. An ultrasound can demonstrate fluid-filled cysts that are not cancerous. Ultrasounds may also be recommended for routine screening tests in some women at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

In 2005, we moved here in Tokyo and had my mammogram and ultrasound test done again and see what happened to the remaining 7 cysts. My Japanese doctor gave me another operation (fine needle aspiration) of one over grown cyst. It wasn’t pleasant at all! this time my doctor didn’t use a local anesthesia, I couldn’t breath! I kind of held it hope I can’t feel the pain! and couldn’t hold my tears to dropped either! it was awful for one cyst. Anyway, I’ve asked my doctor see if it’s possible for him to take them all so I won’t have to deal with another painful sessions but I had the same answer and I have the 6 cysts with me for another 5 years (did my routine checked up every 6 months).
*Studies of breast cyst fluid from thousands of women show that analysis of fluid is important only when the color of the fluid suggests previous bleeding. (Breast Cysts develop when an overgrowth of glands and connective tissue (fibrocystic changes) block milk ducts, causing them to dilate and fill with fluid). 

Breast Tissue Cysts, Aging and Oxidative Stress

In December 2010, I started taking Protandim. I had another mammography test on the 5th of August  2011, test showed 1 small cyst remained! but I wasn’t satisfied and I’ve asked for an ultrasound and mammogram tested again to be sure at the same hospital where I had my last tests done with the same doctor who did the fine needle aspiration on me and he was also surprised! (I have with me the x-ray copies of my tests, so anyone have a doubts, ask me for a copy of my doctor’s diagnosis sheets). My last mammography and ultrasound was a success it was finally over both breasts cysts are gone! 


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Breast Tissue Cysts, Aging and Oxidative Stress 

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