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About Me Testimonial about Hay-Fever, Allergic Rhinitis and Protandim

 Hay-Fever affects up to 30% of all people worldwide, including up to 10% of U.S. children under 17 and 7.8% of U.S. adults. ~ Do you suffer from hay-fever? Don’t just read, act fast! and heal yourself with this great product! http://hughesmarissa.lifevantage.com


What is Hay-Fever?

Hay Fever also called Allergic Rhinitis. Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis, or HAY -FEVER, frequently include nasal congestion, a clear runny nose, sneezing, nose and eye itching, and excess tear production in the eyes. Postnasal dripping of clear mucus frequently causes a cough. Loss of the sense of smell is common, and loss of taste sense occurs occasionally. Nose bleeding may occur if the condition is severe. Eye itching, redness, and excess tears in the eyes frequently accompany the nasal symptoms. The eye symptoms are referred to as “allergic conjunctivitis” (inflammation of the whites of the eyes). These allergic symptoms often interfere with one’s quality of life and overall health. 


Allergic Rhinitis can lead to other Diseases such as Sinusitis and Asthma. Many people with allergies have difficulty with social and physical activities. For example, concentration is often difficult while experiencing allergic rhinitis. Hay fever symptoms arise where the body is sensitive to pollen or dust. The sensitivity results in the release of histamine which in turn causes inflammation. Hay fever is usually treated with medication which prevents histamine release or prevents the inflammation caused by histamine. Other ways to prevent hay fever include avoiding pollen and dust, and in some cases, undergoing treatments aimed at desensitising the body. There’s a natural way to help you with Hay-fever. Boosts your immune system help fight it with a product that reduces Oxidative stress, increases your own body’s immune system like glutathione, superoxide dismutase, catalase and activates Nrf2 to protect your genes. http://hughesmarissa.lifevantage.com 

 My Severe Hay-Fever Testimonial 
I started my hay-fever issues when I was living in New Zealand for 13 years. I was only 23 years old when I moved there. New Zealand is a beautiful country, beautiful nature, lovely people, and nice lifestyle, a little bit different to my own country Philippines. I was young, healthy and always take good care of myself. I even started many hobbies like cake decorating, dried flower arrangement, Teddy Bear making, learnt Korean martial arts with World Taekwondo Federation and also goes to the gym.


I was quite active, however, when I was about 30 years old (I’m 51 now), I developed a severe hay-fever, since then, I felt awful most of the time my life changed. The sneezes never stopped, my nose runs all day and blocked at night, it was a struggled to get a good night sleep! my nose became very red and sore it looks like “Rudolph the reindeer” and diagnosed with sinusitis! my eyes are swollen red, very itchy and painful, a great combination of my red nose! plus itchy skin turned Eczema. Then made it worst by combined psoriasis and Asthma!

Zoom-Allergy-Hay Fever-Itching Rash-Welts-Hives

Every season the need to go to the doctor was a routine. And taking those drugs like the antihistamine pills, nose sprays, eye-drop and even steroid injections isn’t that pleasant indeed and more! got an asthma inhaler as well! Doctors can be very expensive too! My hay fever worst when I was pregnant since I couldn’t even take some of those drugs either! So, I suffered more during my 9 months pregnancy. 


I’ve learnt that as we age our immune system decreases so I’ve searched for a good vitamin and minerals to help boosts my immune system and took it but it didn’t help me at all with that issues. 


In 2010, I started searching for a natural science-based product online that is not related to drugs. I found Protandim the Nrf2 Synergizer, I started taking in early December (2010) in my first 2 weeks the result was great! I felt awesome! Amazing result! My family that knew me very well and noticed the changes. No more excessive sneezes, never ending blowing the nose etc. Now, I’m enjoying life without hay-fever, breathing well, and real good sleep at night. Thanks to Protandim! from 2010 and now 2017 no more HAY FEVER! Why suffer? Take your Protandim now! Click here http://hughesmarissa.lifevantage.com 

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