Oxidative Stress Impact on Firefighters

Oxidative Stress Impact on Firefighters 


How are you taking control of your “OXIDATIVE STRESS” levels? There are millions of products available to consumer that contain ANTIOXIDANTS, but there is only one product that has been clinically PROVEN to reduce the number of damaging FREE RADICALS that are present in your body. 


Extinguishes the Fires of Oxidative Stress

Tens of thousands of people, mainly emergency workers, have contracted respiratory, skin and other ailments after being exposed to toxins at Ground Zero. The World Trade Center Health Program was set up in 2010 to treat victims. The attacks on September 11, 2001 killed nearly 3,000 people, including 343 firefighters.


Oxidative Stress Impact on Firefighters

Released studies that show 911 Rescue workers are 20% more likely to suffer from Cancer. Reviews in terms of Firefighters exposed to a very toxic factors, the Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine says: Cancer risk higher for Firefighters in 32 studies.

*Increasing Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma– Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a type of cancer that originates in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is part of the body’s immune system and helps fight infections and other diseases. In addition, the lymphatic system filters out bacteria, viruses, and other unwanted substances.

* Prostate – Prostate cancer is cancer that starts in the prostate gland. The prostate is a small, walnut-sized structure that makes up part of a man’s reproductive system. It wraps around the urethra, the tube that carries urine out of the body.

*Testicular Cancer– Testicular cancer is cancer that starts in the male reproductive glands. Possible causes include exposure to certain chemicals and HIV infection. A family history of testicular cancer may also increase risk.

Dr. Noa recommends “Firefighters should use some means of reducing Oxidative Stress. 


OXIDATIVE STRESS is also known as FREE RADICAL DAMAGE is a CORE ROOTS to DISEASE and AGING. It affect inside of our BODY it affects every HUMAN being on this PLANET, MAMMALS included. It’s best to get to the CORE ROOTS or the CAUSE of the problem rather than a relief symptoms. Discover how a product that activates Nrf2, boosts our immune systems (eg. SOD, CAT, & Glutathione) and reduces Oxidative Stress and Age-related symptoms.


Glutathione’s ability to enhance tissue healing is critical not only for preventing autoimmunity but also for recovery from autoimmune flare-ups. This likely explains the reduced exercise-induced muscle soreness when taking the product, which is proven by peer-reviewed research to increase Glutathione by 300%. An additional therapeutic measure for dampening autoimmunity is to increase levels of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), another powerful antioxidant enzyme. Oxidative Stress: http://www.jneurosci.org/content/31/44/15703.full

The above article from The Journal of Neuroscience is more evidence that we’re on the leading edge of something billions of people will soon know more about.

oxidative stress

Oxidative stress occurs when exposure to Free Radicals and other oxidants exceeds the body’s antioxidant defenses system results from increases in exposure or generation – decreases in antioxidant protection, often considered destructive to the cell.

Scientists agree that AGING and many deadly diseases are the result of cellular deterioration due to rogue molecules called FREE RADICALS. Free Radical damage is known as OXIDATIVE STRESS or Oxidative Damage. There’s only one product that clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40-70%.

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