Protandim Nrf2, Oxidative Stress, LUPUS and Glutathione

lupus Protandim Nrf2, Oxidative Stress, LUPUS and Glutathione

Oxidative Stress and LUPUS

Imbalance between OXIDATIVE STRESS and helper T-cell (Th1)-derived cytokines is one possible cause for the pathogenesis of LUPUS.

What is LUPUS? Is a lifelong disorder of the IMMUNE SYSTEM. Immune cells attack the body’s own healthy tissues, leading to inflammation and tissue damage. Symptoms maybe limited to the SKIN, but more often Lupus also causes internal problems such as JOINT PAINT. In severe cases, it can damage the heart, kidneys, and other vital organs. Although there’s no cure, there are treatments that can minimize the DAMAGE. 

LUPUS, is the most destructive of all autoimmune conditions. Study showed that those with the most severe symptoms had the lowest GLUTATHIONE levels. READ more about the studies of Oxidative Stress on Lupus here: 

pubmed Protandim Nrf2, Oxidative Stress, LUPUS and Glutathione

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There’s only ONE product in the world that is clinically proven to REDUCE OXIDATIVE STRESS and it’s called PROTANDIM the Nrf2 Synergizer.

Protandim the Nrf2 Synergizer reduces Oxidative Stress by 40-70%, it increases our own powerful INDIRECT Antioxidant ENZYMES in our body system like GLUTATHIONE by 300%-400%, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) by 34%, Catalase (CAT) by 54%, it’s Patented (6th Patents), Science Peer-Reviewed Studies (15th) and Third party validated (These studies have been published in respected MEDICAL JOURNALS such as Free Radical Biology and Medicine, Journal of Dietary Supplements and The American Heart Association’s Circulation). Watch More info here:

~The CORE ROOTS To DISEASE & AGING is OXIDATIVE STRESS or FREE RADICAL DAMAGE. It affect INSIDE of our body it affects EVERY HUMAN BEING on this planet, MAMMALS included. ~ Discover how Protandim Nrf2 reduces Oxidative Stress and Age-related symptoms ~Take just one Protandim™ tablet daily.

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Protandim increases hundreds of INDIRECT ANTIOXIDANTS and ANTI-AGING ENZYMES, like GLUTATHIONE by 300-400%, which we cannot take but must make. These Indirect Antioxidants and Anti-Aging Enzymes are associated with protection of CELL DNA, reduction of FREE RADICAL DAMAGE (Oxidative Stress), REPAIR OF TISSUE etc. NO other product on the planet has been proven to significantly increase GLUTATHIONE production in our bodies in any amount of time but PROTANDIM. Link to LUPUS:

Protandim CORRECTS, or TUNES, our GENETIC expression.  As in many DISEASES, development of LUPUS has been  linked to our GENOMES and GENETIC expression gone awry. Link to LUPUS:

antioxidants Protandim Nrf2, Oxidative Stress, LUPUS and Glutathione

Clinically and scientifically proven to INDUCE cells to produce more Nrf2, Protandim is a master regulator of the AGING process. By activating survival GENES, it helps keep our bodies SAFE from OXIDANTS and FREE RADICALS. In this approach, every single ENZYME molecule can ELIMINATE up to 1 million free radicals per second. Just as a car will AGE and begin to RUST and show wear and tear, our bodies are DAMAGED by the effects of AGING over time. As we get older, our bodies produce more free radicals and fewer of the enzymes that FIGHT these Free Radicals and OXIDATIVE STRESS.

Glutathione’s ability to enhance tissue healing is critical not only for preventing autoimmunity but also for recovery from autoimmune flare-ups. This likely explains the reduced exercise-induced muscle soreness when taking Protandim, which is proven by peer-reviewed research to increase Glutathione by 300-400%.

Glutathione reduces intestinal barrier inflammation, promotes healing of the mucos, and contributes to healthy gut function. In other words, it helps keep the flies out, reducing or eliminating yet another autoimmune trigger. It helps the liver remove chemicals that are foreign to the body, such as drugs and pollutants as one of Glutathione’s primary role is detoxification.

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Glutathione help your body repair damage caused by STRESS, pollution, radiation, infection, drugs, poor diet, AGING, injury, trauma, and burns. Protect yourself now get 300% increase of your Glutathione by taking Protandim one tablet a day!

~Scientists agree that AGING and many deadly diseases are the result of cellular deterioration due to rogue molecules called FREE RADICALS. Free Radical damage is known as OXIDATIVE STRESS or Oxidative Damage.~ There’s only one product that clinically proven to reduce Oxidative Stress by 40-70%. ~Take just one Protandim™ tablet daily.

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