Nrf2 Fights Oxidative Stress

Nrf2 – The Master Regulator Of our Survival Genes

Nrf2 Fights Oxidative Stress 

*Nrf2 helps the body regulate at peak efficiency

*Nrf2, a protein messenger that binds itself to DNA, is the master regulator of the body’s aging process and is critical in the fight against oxidative stress.

*Nrf2 communicates with cells, instructing them to do what they’re already designed to do. When activated, Nrf2 enters the nucleus of a cell and up-regulates “survival genes,” genes that enable cells to survive in the face of stress from free radicals and other oxidants, and down-regulates other genes that promote inflammation and fibrosis to help the body function at an optimal level.


 Nrf2 Activates the Antioxidant Defense

Superoxide Dismutase, better known as SOD, is an important antioxidant defense in nearly all CELLS exposed to oxygen.


SOD is turned on by Nrf2 and is made by most cells to detoxify superoxide, a compound that the immune system deploys to destroy invading microorganisms. Powerful natural potent plants that has been used for centuries to combat Oxidative Stress and Aging are:


Science-Based Powerful Potent Plants Synergy

 Ashwagandha Root ExtractMilk Thistle Extract ~ Used for thousands of years to improve health.

 Ashwagandha Root ExtractBacopa Extract ~ A serious free-radical scavenger.

 Ashwagandha Root ExtractAshwagandha~ Has important antioxidant properties.

 Ashwagandha Root ExtractTurmeric Extract~ Powerful contributor to Protandim’s Nrf2 activation.

 Ashwagandha Root ExtractGreen Tea Extract ~ Contains important antioxidants.

The Synergy compound of these potent plants ~ ACTIVATES our body’s INTERNAL DEFENSES, our survival GENES, to do what they were created to do- PROTECT our CELLS from DAMAGE and DISEASE. Over time and around the age of 20, our GENES, like the key of piano, get out of tune and no longer function at their peak performance: AGING and DISEASE result from this DISHARMONY. It ACTIVATES Nrf2, the MASTER TUNER within our CELLS, and brings our GENES back to the PERFECT harmony and POWERFUL function of our YOUTH

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Strengthening Body’s DEFENSE System with the Nrf2 Activator! Find out how thousands of people are reducing AGE related symptoms on the CELLULAR level. 

*Product that flips a switch in your DNA and triggers your body to produce a host of free radical fighting enzymes. *It is indirect supplement clinically proven to eliminate the age-dependent increase in markers of oxidative stress, reducing Oxidative Stress to the level of a 20-year old in CELLULAR LEVEL.

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