Depression on Cancer Patients

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Depression on Cancer Patients

Anxiety Risk For Cancer Patients ~ A new study published reveals CANCER survivors have a 50% increase risks for ANXIETY 10 years after their diagnosed. And they’re not alone, PARTNERS are often experienced MORE anxiety than survivors.

DEPRESSION is characterized as a MOOD DISORDER where an individual feels SAD, often without any traceable cause. Depression can be a SIDE EFFECT of some drugs or medications. If a patient starts manifesting signs of DEPRESSION, a patient’s prescriptions should be examined as a possible cause.


*Fatigue, chronic tiredness, lethargy
*Changes in weight (gain or loss)
*Loss in interest in acts of pleasure, hobbies or socialization
*Focus and concentration problems
*Guilt feelings
*Suicidal ideation

Commonly Associated Medical Conditions

*Thyroid dysfunction (both under and overactive)
*Structural brain disorders (Stroke, Brain tumor, Multiple Sclerosis)
*Degeneration of brain tissue (*Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Dementia with Huntington’s disease, Senility)
*Cardiac conditions (Seizure disorders (various types of epilepsy), Cancer)



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