Chronic Stress Impact To Humans

Chronic Stress Impact To Humans

“Stress” and “a Stressor”


The consequences of allowing stress to rule our life are not only emotional. Physical structures throughout the human body take a beating.


The difference between “Stress” and “a Stressor” – a Stressor is an agent or stimulus that causes stress. Stress is the feeling we have when under pressure, while Stressors are the things we respond to in our environment. Examples of stressors are noises, unpleasant people, a speeding car, or even going out on a first date. Generally (but not always), the more stressors we experience, the more stressed we feel. When we are stressed the following happens:

  • Blood pressure rises
  • Breathing becomes more rapid
  • Digestive system slows down
  • Heart rate (pulse) rises
  • Immune system goes down
  • Muscles become tense
  • We do not sleep (heightened state of alertness) STRESS is one factor of OXIDATIVE STRESS.


Chronic Stress Impact To Humans

Impact for HUMANS – The US researchers note that the findings from their experiments are noteworthy because CHRONIC STRESS leads to ANXIETY and DEPRESSION, whereas positive social experiences can lead to EMOTIONAL health. Stress also affects the immune response and is associated with increased fat around the organs, which is a serious health risk. 


~Oxidative stress occurs when exposure to free radicals and other oxidants exceeds the body’s antioxidant defenses system results from increases in exposure or generation -decreases in antioxidant protection, often considered destructive to the cell.~ 


We get Oxidative Stress from the ~ FOOD we eat (non-organic) most of our food these days are sprayed with chemicals and pesticides and GMO (genetically modified organism) ~ THE WATER we drink (our water has FLUORIDE it’s a chemical to prevent bacteria but it will accumulate gradually in our body system so it will become FREE RADICALS (toxins) ~ The AIR we breath like we continually bombarded with pollution from the car we drive, radiation from our refrigerator, microwave are some examples and have you heard about CHEMTRAIL too? Here in Japan we have radiation issues in our food, water and air as the Fukushima chemical nuclear plant exploded it affected our sea where we get our fish etc.. land where we get our food planted and of course water supply and as we all know every country that are close it will reach to them in time.. last but not the least we get Oxidative Stress even when we EXERCISE! READ details of science peer-reviewed studies on Oxidative Stress. Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress as follows:

Oxidative Stress & Cancer

There are so many causes of FREE RADICAL DAMAGE or OXIDATIVE STRESS. Our bodies normal METABOLISM produces Free Radicals, our immune system stimulated to produce Free Radicals to FIGHT bacteria and viruses that cause INFECTION in our body. Other external causes are CHEMICALS and environmental TOXINS such as radiation from the sun, smoking and pollutants.

An excess of Free Radicals (Chemicals and Toxins in our body system) CAUSES Oxidative Stress. Clinically and scientifically proven to INDUCE cells to produce more Nrf2, master regulator of the AGING process. By activating survival GENES, it helps keep our bodies SAFE from OXIDANTS and FREE RADICALS. In this approach, every single ENZYME molecule can ELIMINATE up to 1 million Free Radicals per second. Just as a car will AGE and begin to RUST and show wear and tear, our bodies are DAMAGED by the effects of AGING over time. As we get older, our bodies produce more Free Radicals and fewer of the Enzymes that FIGHT these Free Radicals and OXIDATIVE STRESS.


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