Christmas Cancer-causing Food Warning And Health Tips

Christmas Cancer-Causing Food Warning


~Many of the gifts and festive food we buy can contain Chemicals that increase risk of Breast Cancer and other Diseases. ~

OXIDATIVE STRESS is also known as FREE RADICAL DAMAGE is a CORE ROOTS to DISEASE and AGING. It affect inside of our BODY it affects every  HUMAN being on this PLANET, MAMMALS included. It’s best to get to the CORE ROOTS or the CAUSE of the problem rather than a Relief Symptoms. 

Oxidative Stress Detection Kits 85 What is Oxidative Stress?

“With breast cancer rates at an all-time high this year, choosing alternatives to these products is a great way to help protect the health of family and friends.” Breast Cancer UK


*Warning! take care when reheating leftovers in the microwave because plastic containers contain chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) which can leak into the food. This chemical is also in the resin lining of food tins, so customers should look for ones which are BPA-free. 


*People looking to buy pampering gifts this Christmas should avoid products with strong, synthetic fragrances and instead use natural products or even make their own moisturiser with raw coconut or olive oil.

*Plastic cups and plates should also be thrown out when scratched, or after they have been used regularly in a dishwasher and or microwave. Old plastic products are more likely to leak chemicals. Sources NZ News

Oxidative Stress and Aging

FACT: Oxidative Stress occurs when exposure to FREE RADICALS and other OXIDANTS such as the AIR we breathe (Pollution, Cigarette Smoke, Chemtrail, Car exhaustion, Radiation from the Microwave or Refrigerator), WATER we drink (eg. Fluoride, Chlorine, Radiation) and the FOOD we eat (Chemical, Toxins, Trans-Fats, Artificial Sugar, Processed Foods etc), even when we do intense EXERCISE. Everyone who exercises, body builds, or does manual labor increases their level of OXIDATIVE STRESS, INTENSE training produces more FREE RADICALS than moderate exercise, which may overwhelmed antioxidant DEFENSES and CAUSE irreparable Oxidative DAMAGE or Oxidative STRESS.


CANCER is not a disease you just “get” like being randomly struck by lightning. It’s something you must “MANAGE” or “PREVENT” day by day, meal by meal, through a lifestyle choices.

Causes Oxidative Stress

Known causes of CANCER, including genetic factors; lifestyle factors such as tobacco use, diet, and physical activity; certain types of infections; and environmental exposures to different types of chemicals and radiation. OXIDATIVE STRESS, generated through the process of LIVING LIFE (eating, sleeping, breathing, exercising), is inevitable for EVERYONE. Oxidative stress is the MAIN FACTOR of many diseases including CANCER.


OXIDATIVE STRESS is also known as FREE RADICAL DAMAGE is a CORE ROOTS to DISEASE and AGING. It affect inside of our BODY it affects every HUMAN being on this PLANET, MAMMALS included. It’s best to get to the CORE ROOTS or the CAUSE of the problem rather than a relief symptoms. Discover how a product that activates Nrf2, boosts our immune systems (eg. SOD, CAT, & Glutathione) and reduces Oxidative Stress and Age-related symptoms.

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