AntiOxidant that Switches On our DNA

AntiOxidant that Switches On our DNA

~Free Radicals (Chemicals and Toxins) = Oxidative Stress (Free Radical Damage) = Diseases (Cancer)~ Protect now than too late…

OSScientists agree that AGING and many deadly DISEASES are the result of cellular deterioration due to rogue molecules called FREE RADICALS. Free Radical damage is known as OXIDATIVE STRESS or Oxidative Damage. OXIDATIVE STRESS is also known as FREE RADICAL DAMAGE is a CORE ROOTS to DISEASE and AGING. It affect inside of our BODY it affects every HUMAN being on this PLANET, MAMMALS included. Revolutionizing The Approach To Healthy Aging


AntiOxidant that Switches On our DNA

There are millions of products available to consumer that contain ANTIOXIDANTS, but there is only one product that has been clinically proven to reduce the number of damaging free radicals that are present in your body. That product activates  Nrf2 and it is revolutionizing the approach to healthy AGING.

*The product~ Nrf2 activator flips a switch in your DNA and triggers your body to produce a host of free radical fighting enzymes.

*It’s indirect antioxidant supplement clinically proven to eliminate the age-dependent increase in markers of oxidative stress, reducing oxidative stress to the level of a 20-year old.

*It is composed of a synergistic blend of all natural ingredients that include milk thistle extract, bacopa extract, ashwagandha, green tea extract and turmeric extract.


The Synergy compound of these potent plantsACTIVATES our body’s INTERNAL DEFENSES, our survival GENES, to do what they were created to do- PROTECT our CELLS from DAMAGE and DISEASE. Over time and around the age of 20, our GENES, like the key of piano, get out of tune and no longer function at their peak performance: AGING and DISEASE result from this DISHARMONY. It ACTIVATES Nrf2, the MASTER TUNER within our CELLS, and brings our GENES back to the PERFECT harmony and POWERFUL function of our YOUTH


The compound powerful botanical ingredients are Turmeric, Green Tea, Bacopa, Milk Thistle & Ashwagandha. Just one tablet a day unleashes your “Survival Genes”. Product that jumpstarts your body’s ability to produce over 600 Antioxidants and Anti-Aging enzymes by the millions in every cell, each second. Scientifically proven to boosts our own body’s immune systems (eg. SOD, CAT, & Glutathione) and reduces Oxidative Stress by 40-70% & increases Glutathione by 300%-400%, Activates Nrf2. Take one tablet a day…


Oxidative Stress is an important contributor to CANCER development. Consistent with that, Antioxidant Enzymes have been demonstrated to suppress tumorigenesis when being elevated both in vitro and in vivo, making induction of these enzymes a more potent approach for CANCER PREVENTION. A PRODUCT well-defined combination of widely studied medicinal plants, has been shown to induce Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and Catalase activities and reduce superoxide generation and lipid peroxidation in healthy human subjects. To investigate whether it can suppress tumor formation by a dietary approach, a two-stage mouse SKIN carcinogenesis study was performed. At the end of the STUDY,the mice on a containing basal diet had similar body weight compared with those on the basal diet, which indicated no overt toxicity by this product. 

~When you are young and healthy, it never occurs to you that in a single second your whole life could change.~ Protect yourself now.. 


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